6th WEEC - Brisbane 2011

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Brisbane (Australia) 19-23 July 2011

The 6th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) took place in Brisbane, Australia from July 19th to July 23rd.
The congress was jointly organised by AAEE (Australian Association for Environmental Education) and by the WEEC Permanent Secretariat.
In spite of the distance and the international economic crises, more than 800 delegates from more than 50 countries from all continents joined the event, which involved plenary sessions, paper presentations, workshops, round tables and symposiums.


Climate is one of the main issues that emerged from the conference. How can people be educated to mitigate impacts on climate and adapt to the ongoing climate changes? How can we reinforce community resilience to the dramatic consequences of global warming?

Other recurring subjects of the congress were young people’s participation, context variety, partnership and networks (keywords that have been mentioned in many speeches), the role of universities, the need to increase the attention of decision makers to the themes of environmental education. A first chance to ask politicians and institutions for an increasing commitment in favour of environmental education could be the 2012 Rio Summit, which will take place 20 years from the historic 1992 Earth Summit.

Before the intervention of Fatima Benzayech of the King Mohammed VI Foundation for the Environment which will organise the 7th WEEC, Mario Salomone closed the Conference underlining some of the main contemporary threats but also announcing some positive news, i.e. the increasing number of countries that are interested in hosting the next world congress. Abu Dhabi, China, Costa Rica, Ireland, Malaysia, Svweden and Switzerland have already proposed themselves as candidates to host the 8th World Environmental Education Congress in 2015, or have expressed the intention to do so. And many other countries have taken advantage of the Congress to gather information in order to present their nomination.

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